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German Company formation,foundation

You might know that Germany is one of the strongest economies not only in the euro zone but also in the world. It is the fifth largest economy in the world. Germany is often called as the "Economic Engine Power" of Europe and the most industrialized country with the largest domestic market  and relative economic stability in Europe. The German economy is largely (more than 90 %) built on small or middle size businesses. the geological location of this country offers lots of business possibilities for investors and entrepreneurs. It means entrepreneurs and investors with an eye on creating a strong, long term and stable business precisely observe the German market to set up business.



We provide a top quality company formation service across Germany and EU for companies, investors or individuals looking to set up a business in this region.

Our German lawyers and professional consulting team at German Consulting Services make it easy and possible for you to establish your desired company that you want. Our experts offer you everything that you require for you to establish a German company.

Company formation & Business Immigration



  • Migration Consultancy
  • Preparation for embassy appointments
  • Preparation and organization of all documents
  • Examination of qualifications and university education degrees for your recognition
  • Preparation of business plans
  • Application
  • Communication with the participating authorities and companies (Immigration Office, Federal Employment Agency, Chamber of Commerce, work agency, Health Insurance Funds and Banks)








The following residence permits are relevant to the  migration of skilled workers and obtaining the residence permit for the establishment of a business or self-employment:


  •  Residence permit as a self-employed person (founders and existing companies)
  • Residence permit as a freelancer
  • Residence permit to search for a job
  • Blue card EU
  • Residence permit to executives, officers, members of the body of a legal entity (Employment  Ordinance)
  • Residence permit to specialists
  • Residence permit to scientists and researchers
  • Residence permit for graduates of German universities
  • posting and ICT card
  • Language teachers and specialty chefs
  • Family reunion
  • Residence permit for study

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